The Unexplored Strategies in Improving Work-from-Home Productivity

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With the rise in the number of remote workers, the topic of productivity has gained more attention. People want to nail the right techniques so that they can give quality outputs. Much has been said about the right working space and work-life balance. Are there strategies that are not yet explored? Read on to find some inspiration.

Bring In More Natural Light

You have the most ergonomic chair and table for your workspace. But why does it feel like you are still slacking off? The answer could be in the amount of natural light you have. Properly-installed skylights are the perfect answer for you.

Having a skylight can bring many advantages. Natural light boosts productivity, enhances mood, relieves stress, and improves focus. Changing where you get your source of light can bring these immense advantages to your work. So why not a regular window? Some areas in your house may not have the provision for that. That is especially true if you have limited space to set up your home workstation. For example, if you are working in the attic, wall space is not enough for a regular window. Besides, a skylight has more aesthetic value.

Get Into a “Fake Commute”

Remote work became popular because of the ease that it offers from bed to workspace. Its flexibility even boasts of working in one’s pajamas. But, this mindset could be detrimental to your productivity.

Most people dread the long commute in a corporate set-up. But, for some, the commute becomes the transition between their personal life and work. They can make a mind shift and turn off personal concerns as they start their workday.

A “fake commute” does not entail you to hop on your car. Instead, it encourages you to create a space between home and work. A simple routine of fixing your bed, having a cup of coffee, and a quick shower can be counted as a fake commute. In essence, you must do something to signal your brain to switch to work mode. A fake commute is not only applicable to start your day. You must also have a routine that tells you it is time to stop work. Arranging your table or walking your dog can pass for this. Help your mind distinguish between home and work. Then, you can put in more energy into your work and not be too comfortable.

Master Speed Reading

Do you have tons of emails and reports to read? That is a bane that most people have with their work. It is something that you cannot do without. But, it eats up a large chunk of your time.

The answer is to have a high level of skills in speed reading. That means to grasp ideas while reading at a quicker pace. Do not mistake it, though, for missing out on essential details. Some strategies can help you to achieve the proper way to speed reading. When you do, you would save time and energy and use them for other tasks.

Choose Your Scents and Sounds

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People often neglect what they surround themselves with. They think that productivity is something that they can do on autopilot. The truth is one must set the mood to be productive. Having the right smells and sounds can help to increase it.

Choose what works best for you. Some find themselves working best with upbeat tunes, others with classical ones. Some people like to hear the sound of the waves to help them concentrate. Essential oils like lemon, eucalyptus, or peppermint can stimulate mental awareness.

There is a wide range of techniques to increase work productivity. It may sometimes feel that you have exhausted them all. But keep looking for fresh ideas. You might find something that will spark something in you.

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