Personal Hygiene That Should Be Taught in School and at Home

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Our children’s education begins at home. Their first teachers are always the parents, and whatever they learn will be expanded on in school. But one of the most important things they will ever learn is the importance of personal hygiene. While it is embedded in the educational system, it is still very much recommended to begin teaching about cleanliness and hygiene at home. Below are some of the most important things about hygiene and cleanliness that should be taught to kids.

Washing Hands Is Important

Especially throughout the last year of 2020, we learned how crucial it is that we wash our hands thoroughly. We now have a better understanding of how germs spread from our hands and how we can wash them off properly. Therefore, this knowledge should be imparted to our young generation so that we can ensure that they will be more responsible with how they can prevent the spread of diseases through proper handwashing.

Oral Health and Hygiene

Brushing and flossing your teeth are health tips that are often echoed by dentists and health professionals but are rarely followed. However, its importance cannot be understated. Many of the bacteria that eventually get into our system enter through our mouths. Recent studies have shown how bad dental health can actually increase the risk of heart problems, among many other diseases. These germs and bacteria can easily be prevented through regular brushing of the teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash. It’s best to start positive habits when young, so teaching the significance of oral hygiene to school-age kids is very important.

Cleaning, Sweeping, and Other Chores

Personal hygiene extends to one’s surroundings. The ability to keep one’s room tidy, organized, and clean is just as important as bathing and cleaning the body. All the personal hygiene efforts made would be rendered useless if their environment is unfavorable. That’s why it’s important to impart the value of keeping their surroundings clean. Simple acts, such as cleaning as you go, sweeping the floor, and wiping spilled liquids, go a long way. The value of environmental cleanliness and hygiene is something that they will remember and eventually bring into their adulthood.

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Foot Hygiene Is Important Too

Perhaps one of the most often glossed-over aspects of personal hygiene is foot hygiene. Yet, it’s also one of the most important. We make around five thousand steps a day, more if you’re physically active. We wear shoes and socks that keep moisture and sweat in, making it even more important to pay attention to its cleanliness. Teaching children to keep their toenails short, cleaning their feet after a day’s worth of activities, and wearing the proper foot garments is as important as teaching them how to brush their teeth. The importance of foot care should not be neglected, especially with common foot ailments, such as athlete’s foot, sweaty feet, and more, being annoying problems that can affect their daily comfort and even self-esteem.

Being Responsible When Ill

Just as healthcare professionals need to wear health and safety equipment to prevent catching or spreading diseases, children also need to understand that they have to do the same when they are under the weather. For example, kids need to be taught that they have to cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing or to skip school altogether when they have the flu. Cleaning their hands with disinfecting alcohol is also a crucial step. This is something that we have learned deeply during the pandemic and is something that we must teach the next generation more fervently. Now that face masks have become common household items, make sure to teach your kids to always have one at the ready. Even with the developments in medicine, it always helps to be extra careful. Maintaining the proper distance from people is one of the best ways to prevent catching illnesses as well.

Removing Bad Habits

Kids like to put their hands on different surfaces, and they stick out their tongues in places they shouldn’t. As they grow older, though, they also outgrow these habits. Some bad ones might still stick, and that’s what we should look out for as adults. We should be able to teach them the importance of good personal hygiene and enforce good habits to promote it. Adults can introduce, enforce, and encourage these habits so that children can grow up with a good head start to a healthy life.

Cleanliness and good habits begin at home and extend to the school. Teaching and showing children the importance of cleanliness is one of the most important things we can do as adults. It will not only keep them safe, but it will teach them that health and safety are a responsibility that we all share.

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