Strategies to Have a Touch of the Outdoors Inside Your Home


Even with chic designs, a homeowner in Salt Lake City may feel restless inside their home. With a busy lifestyle, one cannot go out and spend time outdoors. Thus, the best way to beat that feeling of edginess is to bring some of the elements of nature inside a home. What are some ways that can accomplish such an endeavor?

Bring in the Majestic Views and Natural Lights

One of the best ways to feel reconnected with nature is to have a perfect view of it every day. Install new windows that are big enough to achieve such a feat. The city offers a good expanse of beautiful nature. Having to see it upon waking up or after a hard day’s work is such a treat. As an extra advantage, a good amount of sunlight and fresh air can come pouring into your home. You may also upgrade the experience by considering a skylight above your bed. You can stargaze in the comfort of your bed.

New trends in residential architecture gave way for natural materials for flooring. Bamboo, cork, and natural wood can be used instead of concrete. Cork flooring is warm to the feet and is a good absorber of sound, too. With these materials, you can feel a sense of oneness with the outdoors.


Design with Natural Materials

You may choose to use natural stone for your kitchen and bathroom backsplash. This material is also good for a feature wall in your bedroom. Bricks are good frames for your fireplace. By incorporating these materials, your home will have a feel of the outdoors. These materials will go beyond roads and patios.

Rattan furniture is also a good option to bring a little of the outdoors to your home. Chairs and hammocks from these materials are stylish and durable, too. Wicker baskets may serve as storage for towels in the bathroom or fruits in the kitchen.

Touch up with Natural Colors

Another good way to incorporate the outdoors to your home is by choosing a natural color scheme. Many colors can bring a nature-inspired vibe. Green and brown are earthy colors that remind you of a deep forest. More refreshing colors are blue and yellow that remind you of the sea and sun. Pastel shades create a floral vibe. You might want to seek the help of a professional designer to bring about the best outcome.

Use Other Cues Aside from the Visual

Nature can come to a person not only with what they see. The smell of pine cones and flowers are good reminders of nature. Auditory signals such as the waves, wind, or rain can bring soothing effects to a person. Choose a favorite from these sensory prompts and have them in your home to remind you of the outdoors.

Create a Green Wall

This is also called a living wall. If you have a green thumb and you wish to have a burst of outdoors inside your home, this is for you. Study how to create a thriving green wall and enjoy it as it grows. It is a good point of conversation for your guests, too.

Being one in nature is a very good way to relieve stress. If your time does not permit to commune with nature, the next best thing is to bring the outdoors in. Find a strategy or a combination that will suit you.

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