How to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh All Day

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There is nothing like staying home! It’s where you find peace and comfort. Aside from keeping it clean, you also want it to smell lovely and amazing. Here’s how:

1. Sprinkle baking soda with lemon on your bathroom

Baking soda and lemon leave your bathroom smelling clean and fresh. Baking soda contains alkali, making it a natural bleaching and cleaning agent, while lemon removes yellow stains in your bathroom and gives off a citrusy scent at the same time. Just mix them with water. Apply the mixture on the toilet, tiles, and tub with a sponge, then leave it from 30 to 40 minutes before scrubbing away. This gets rid of the stains and the unpleasant odor. But, if your bathroom smells bad constantly even after cleaning, check out for a broken pipe or if the sewage line needs repair.

2. Use an essential oil and diffuser

The uses of essential oils are not limited to body massage. You can also use them to scent your home! Their aroma can make your home smell like a luxurious spa. Just pour water in the diffuser, then place a few drops of essential oil. Through a fine mist, the diffuser spreads the scent across the house. Some of the best choices are lavender, jasmine, tea tree, peppermint, lemon, and chamomile! Don’t have a diffuser? No worries! Just mix water and essential oils in a bottle, then spray it in your room. The scent can last for 3 up to 24 hours.

3. Make potpourri

Fruit peels and dried plants have practical purposes. You can mix them to scent and decorate your home. Choose your desired ingredients such as orange peels, dried rose petals, and lavender. Add a few drops of essential oils, then simmer it on the stove or bake for at least two hours. You know they are ready when the peels or foliage are already dried up. Place them in the midst of the house or near the radiator to distribute the smell inside your room.

4. Make garbage disposal cubes

This is pretty easy to do and will leave your trash bin smelling clean and citrusy. Cut up the lemon into smaller pieces, put them in ice cube molds, then add concentrated vinegar. Refrigerate the mixture until it is frozen. Every day, throw a couple of cubes into the trash bins in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom to prevent any unpleasant odors.

5. Burn scented candles

When the wax melts, scented candles release a strong smell in your room, making it smell like a botanical garden or a pine forest. Choose from various flavors such as cinnamon and spice, blueberry, French vanilla, cucumber, and cheesecake. They also come in fabulous jars that you can use to decorate your room when the wax runs out. The only downside of scented candles is the fragrance dissipates in the air quickly.

6. Get a few indoor plants

indoor plants

Plants serve as natural humidifiers and deodorizers at home! They filter pollutants and toxic particles in the environment to purify the air. The homeowners’ favorites include snake plants, pothos, dracaena, and spider plants. Further, plants symbolize nature and life. Placing them in your home makes your space look more inviting and welcoming.

7. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet

Carpets can absorb moisture, making them smelling musty. Baking soda makes an easy remedy, though. Just sprinkle a bit, leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then vacuum as usual to get rid of the unpleasant odor on your carpet and rags. Hydrogen peroxide is another great alternative. One part of it is equivalent to five parts of water. Spray it on the carpet, and it will eliminate mold spores hiding underneath.

8. Stick candles in coffee beans

Do you have votive candles at home? Turn it into a scented candle then! Just get a jar and fill it with coffee beans halfway. As it warms, it will release the aroma of coffee into your room! Votive candles last long, so you can enjoy the rich and satisfying scent for almost 15 hours!

9. Use dry shampoos on shoes

This is designed to keep your hair smelling fresh without washing them up with water. But you can also use this to deodorize your shoes. Sometimes they also contribute to the unpleasant smell in the house. Just sprinkle it on stinky shoes to reduce the odor.

The fragrance is one of the things that people notice first when they visit your home. By following our simple tips, you can leave your house smelling fresh and clean all day!

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