How to Decorate Your Living Room on a Budget with Class

Year in and year out, real estate experts weigh in on the latest in the trends of living rooms and other parts of the house. This 2020, boho is the way to go, or is it? You can still pull off a timeless classic that suits your fancies better.

The living room holds a special role in the functions of a home. It is where you usually receive and herald your home’s visitors or guests and do family activities together. As such, it holds the prominent spot in decorating projects for most homeowners. It can be incredibly overwhelming to do so.

Naturally, designing your living room can be a challenge. But these tips can help you get up to speed and design your new living room like a pro.

Match Furniture Size with Living Room Space

An oversized sofa will not do well in a narrow space. Likewise, you can’t have protruding décor in a space that is leaning towards minimalistic designs. The dimensions matter. When you are purchasing your furniture, visualize how well it will look like in your space. Don’t just buy furniture for the sake of filling the room;

Work Out the Color Palette

The color of the wall paint and the furniture contribute to the overall color palette of your living room. You can try a random color generator online like Coolors. This will help show you some good color combinations that mix and match well, and you can base your furniture and painting decisions on these.

Add the Rug Tastefully

Care for some handmade modern rugs from Turkey? You can do so as long as it matches the theme. Some experienced sellers of rugs can give you tips on how to match rugs properly to the overall appearance of your living room. It also depends on the type of mood that you want to convey.

Consider the Flow of Activity in the Living Room

Apart from the visual appeal of the living room elements, you also need to consider the function behind it. Make sure that the TV is visible in as many vantage points as possible. You also need to see if the movement of the people is restricted or free with how you arrange the pieces together.

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Make Small Living Rooms Look Larger with Quirky Designs

Nice and vibrant designs tend to “open up” the room more even if the floor area is not necessarily that big. Make the living room pop out with a larger persona by having these quirky designs on hand. It still depends on the level of risk you want to take in decorating.

Decorate the Walls Discriminately

You don’t have to fill every nook and cranny with a painting. But you can decorate discriminately and choose only the pieces that resonate well with your overall theme.

Play with Lighting

Accent lighting, ambient lighting, and bright lighting are just some of the options you can have. Gone are the days where you have a generic single light source. Incorporate various types of lighting options in your living room, and it can transform the mood or vibe without having to move too many things around.


Ultimately, the design won’t stand out as much if the house is unkempt as a whole. Keep the living room and the rest of your whole home clean after you made the painstaking efforts to design it properly. This way, you will get the most out of your design considerations.

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