Gifts Every Child Deserves to Get From Their Dad?

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Parenting is never easy. You may have multiple kids by now but still have no idea how to parent well. It is not enough that you become a great provider for your kids. You also need to be involved in caring and disciplining your children.

They say the best gifts you can give to your kids are not the most expensive toys or their most-requested gadgets. It is about the experience you have to offer as their father figure. If you wish to be a better father to your kids, then it is worth investing in these gifts.

Gift of Love

The best kind of present you can give your kids is your love. You may be able to afford all the toys and gadgets in the world. But if you can’t make your kids feel your real love, then all of your investments will go down the drain.

To bet offer the gift of love, find out what your kid’s love language is. Sometimes, people can have more than one love language. Know that this can be a combination between words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, receiving gifts, or acts of service.

Do they like receiving gifts? Then consider items that will remind them of your love and care and take time to wrap these carefully. This can be as simple but as sentimental as a modern father-and-son dog tag, a locket containing the pictures of your family, or personalized jewelry with the engravings of a joke only the two of you share.

Are your kids love language involve physical touch? Be sure to hug them more often, kiss their heads and allow them to sit on your lap. Create your own secret handshake, send them to bed with good-night hugs, and say good morning to them with a tight hug or kiss.

Are they afterwords of affirmation? Talk to them more often, compliment them, say words of love and encouragement, and write sweet letters for them. Always tell them how important they are to you, tell others how great your child is, and speak to them more often.

If they love spending quality time with you, make sure to spare time each day to be with them. Do things they enjoy doing, explore new hobbies, or visit new places. Be sure to give your undivided attention during this time.

If you have a son or daughter whose love language is acts of service, it can feel like they are trying to turn you into their servants. But remember that they simply want to indulge in the feeling of being taken good care of. What you can do is to teach and guide them into doing things so you can show your love without making them reliant on you at all times.

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Gift of Discipline

Fathers should also learn how to discipline their kids whenever needed. You don’t want your kids to feel entitled. Make sure to teach them appropriate behaviors, ways they can achieve, learn from failures, and get along well with others. Be consistent but don’t resort to violence.

These days, it is best to resort to positive parenting. Use positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviors. Use simple reminders and divert their attention if needed.

Instead of putting your kids in time-out, consider a time-in. This helps you get in tune with your child and make him realize what he did wrong. Once he is calm, you can talk to him and tell him what he did wrong, what he can do to correct this, and what can be done to avoid this in the future.

Gift of Learning

Kids are naturally curious. Many parents tend to avoid their kids’ questions. But why ignore your kid’s willingness to learn only to tell them when they are adults that lifelong learning is a must?

Make it a point to spend some time teaching your kids. If you can’t answer their questions, find answers with them. Encourage their passion for learning by reading. Go ahead and do new things together and welcome new experiences with them.

Allow your kids to ask questions, explore their surroundings, and solve problems on their own. Let them know that you believe in them and in their skills and that you are here to support and help them as needed. Involve the whole family in learning and make it a social experience for your kids.

There are many other gifts you can give to your kids. But these three are some of the most unforgettable ones you can offer. The challenge now is for you to get creative when giving these presents to your little ones.

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