Four Destinations to Consider for Your Next Family Trip

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Time flies fast and in the blink of an eye, it is going to be summer again. This year, maybe you planned to bring your family to visit Europe or go to the Caribbean. Or perhaps even visit the clear blue waters and white sand beach in Boracay, Philippines. But the pandemic messed your travel plans.

COVID-19 vaccines are nearing their completion and soon enough you will be able to travel and wear your favorite summer dress again. If you are anxious about traveling even with the pandemic slowing down, you can also opt to spend your travel funds to have a custom swimming pool builder add a pool in your yard for an instant private resort vibe! No need to cross the continent to submerge yourself in relaxing waters.

But if you and your family are travel junkies who prefer to go out and vacation after the slump caused by the pandemic, then go for it!

Why opt to bring your family abroad for a one- or two-week trip? A change of scenery may be good for your significant other and your kids. We’ve all spent so much time at home. Getting a breath of fresh air after the pandemic can help everyone relax after almost a year of battling the social, physical, and mental implications of COVID-19.

Ready to book flights but don’t know where to go? Here are some of the travel destinations you may consider.


The Maldives is probably one of the countries with the best tropical climate, not to mention scenic Indian ocean views. It is also a go-to destination for honeymooners. But the island is family-friendly too. There are resorts offering kiddie activities especially if the adults want to visit some islands that are restricted to kids.

The small archipelago boasts beaches that can compete head-to-head with the Caribbean and the Pacific islands. Prices are relatively cheap too if you book budget-friendly accommodations. This does not mean the island does not offer luxury accommodations though. If you can afford it, there are resorts offering accommodations at staggering prices.


If you are looking for a Southeast Asian destination, how about Vietnam? The country has recorded just over a thousand COVID-19 cases. You can be at peace knowing your family is in a country with effective pandemic management.

Aside from their top-notch COVID-19 response, Vietnam has a lot to offer from healthy food options to scenic sunset views. If the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh do not impress you, the cities of Dalat and Da Nang can offer calmer city vibes with plenty of Vietnamese cultures to enjoy. To cap it all off, food and accommodation are really cheap. $150 to $200 budget for the day can suffice for a small family.

Keep in mind though that not many Vietnamese speak English. So be sure to bring power banks and have a reliable internet connection to easily connect to translation apps!

New Zealand

Along with Vietnam, New Zealand also has one of the best COVID-19 responses in the world. The country has a moderate climate, surrounded by a good balance of picturesque countryside and coastline views.

Whether you want to go to the beach, visit nature parks, or stroll in the streets of Wellington, there is so much to do in New Zealand that won’t leave the kids out of place! You can even go for a nice road trip in a camper with the family and explore the lush greens of New Zealand’s countryside.

Traveling here is neither the cheapest nor the costliest, but it’s definitely worth the price!

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Want to travel far without actually leaving the United States? If this is the case, go to Hawaii. It’s far enough to get a change of scenery. This is a state that can offer you clear, blue waters where the language is not much of a barrier. If you want to bring your family somewhere within the country’s territory, then Hawaii is perfect. Take note though that a trip to this majestic island is not very cheap. The airfare alone can be quite expensive but if properly budgeted, overall travel costs can be cut down by several hundred dollars.

The expenses are justifiable though! The country boasts a lot of scenic and volcanic views, as well as crystal clear waters. In a way, you can probably compare it to New Zealand’s vibe, though, Hawaii would be a lot more tropical.

Whether you bring your family across the world or just across the state for a quick family vacation, the most important thing is being able to travel together after the challenges we all faced during the pandemic. Traveling is a great way to reconnect with your kids and your significant other, as well as have that much-deserved rest. Go ahead and plan your next family holiday!

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