Common Health Issues in College Kids – For Parents

College life brings new challenges, including stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and unhealthy eating habits. Parents can aid in managing these issues by supporting self-care practices and encouraging healthy behaviors. Substance abuse, sexual health, and dental health are critical areas where parental guidance can be beneficial. Positive support, clear communication, and instilling health priorities can significantly

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mother holding her baby

5 Tips to Engage Your Child’s Primary Senses

Introduce a variety of textures to stimulate toddlers’ sense of touch. Engage their sense of smell with fragrant spices, flowers, herbs, and books. Incorporate certain music and sounds to enhance your toddler’s auditory senses. Explore visual stimulation through toys, puzzles, and picture books. Utilize soft play areas for toddlers to promote gross motor skills. Engaging

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kids listening to a teacher

Strategies to Make Learning Exciting for Your Child

Making learning more hands-on and interactive is an effective way to get children excited about learning.  Playing educational games and encouraging exploration can help children develop problem-solving skills.  Integrating art and crafts, play, and play-based learning methods are all fun ways to make learning enjoyable for your child.  Enrolling your child in a quality daycare

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Relocating Business: What Steps to Take

Identify the correct new location that provides access to resources, customers, and talent. Consider cost savings through potential incentives or grants available in the new area. Ensure accessibility and convenience of employees by researching public transportation options or parking availability. Pack up office equipment and ensure all essential documents are accessible during the move. Seek

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happy family at home

5 Reasons It’s Important to Build a Meaningful Connection With Your Children

Building a meaningful connection with your children is essential for their development and success. Establishing trust and security, teaching positive values, and promoting emotional well-being are the main benefits of being close to your children. Family events, regular family dinners, making time for your children, being involved in their lives, and effective communication will help

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Making Summer at Home More Fun for Your Kids – Tips for Parents

Plan themed days like Pajama Day to keep kids engaged with costumes and games. Create an art station with supplies to boost creativity for hours of entertainment. Make backyard play more fun with a DIY slip-and-slide, pool, bubble balls, and water guns. Have a reading challenge with rewards to improve skills and bond over book

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child with disability

Things You Should Know if Your Child Has Mobility Issues

Causes of mobility issues in children can include congenital disabilities, degenerative diseases, injuries/trauma, developmental disorders, and infectious diseases. Mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and braces can help children navigate the world more easily. Physical therapy can help improve strength, balance, and coordination in children with mobility issues. Building a support network can provide

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children in play school

Getting Started With Your Child’s Education – Tips for New Parents

Read to your child to introduce the concept of language and strengthen your bond. You need to engage in conversations with your child to help their language development and cognitive growth. You need to choose a childcare facility that uses an evidence-based curriculum and knowledgeable staff. Support your child’s interests to develop lifelong passions beneficial

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little girl playng while dad is working

What are the Advantages of Being a Work-at-Home Parent

Working from home can provide parents with flexibility and freedom to balance their work and family commitments. Becoming a work-at-home parent is an excellent option for parents who wish to have the best of both worlds. Benefits of working at home as a parent include a flexible schedule, more time with children, increased productivity, reduced

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using a fire extinguisher

Important Life-Saving Skills Every Parent Should Learn

Learn basic CPR and first aid techniques to be prepared for medical emergencies. Be sure to understand and practice water safety rules to prevent accidents. Have a fire safety plan in place and conduct regular fire drills. Know basic self-defense techniques to protect yourself and your family from any threat of violence. Maintain car fluids,

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