Activities Everyone Can Do at Home to Be Healthier

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home and only go out when it is necessary. It has disrupted our daily lives. Schools have been shut down. More people have been working from home. Nursing homes have become coronavirus hot spots, and some authorities have advised to pull out residents from these homes. With all these events happening, our families are stuck together at home.

Staying at home with your loved ones is great. Knowing that you and your loved ones are safe is a huge weight off your chest. Yet, it can be hard to think of fun activities that everyone can do together. It may be tempting to gather everyone and watch Netflix together for the fifth time this week. But there are other ways to spend time together without becoming couch potatoes. Here are some suggestions for healthy family bonding activities.

1. Having a Spa Day

Taking the time to unwind and refocus can be a fun family activity. Learning how to make your face scrubs or mix your aromatherapy oils is a great way to occupy your kid’s time. It is also a great way to save money. Prepare all the things you need for that spa day beforehand.

Then you can schedule a family spa day after a long week of work. If you have space and the money, you can buy massage chairs so you and your family can relax even on the weekdays. There are many benefits to regularly using a massage chair, even for kids. A massage chair is a great item to have. Massage chairs are not just luxury items. They can be therapeutic too.

2. Exercising Together

Gyms have started opening up their doors. Yet, there are many restrictions and guidelines to follow. The risk of contracting the virus can also be a huge turn-off. Do not feel bad, though. You can still work out at home. There are a lot of free workout apps that you can try out. You can also subscribe to YouTube fitness channels or even sign up for Zoom workout classes.

The great thing about choosing your own workout program is that you can pick which one works for you. You can even pick a workout program that works for your family. There are many benefits to exercising together. For example, you are establishing a healthy lifelong routine for your kids. Who knows? You might find out that you’re raising Olympic athletes.

3. Gardeninggardening materials and plants


Gardening, especially indoor gardening, has become more popular around the world. More people are using indoor plants as house decorations. Many have started their own vegetable gardens to save up on food expenses. There are even whole communities dedicated to home gardening! More people have gone back to the simple life, so why can’t you and your family?

Gardening has a lot of health benefits. It is a great way to pull your kids away from their screens. You can also get your daily dose of vitamin D. Taking care of plants is also a cheaper alternative to therapy. Gardening can also teach you how to be more environmentally conscious and responsible.

4. Taking Care of a Pet

Lately, more people have resorted to adopting or buying pets. The benefits of taking care of pets have been proven many times. Pets help children develop better social skills. They provide unconditional love and comfort, especially in stressful and alienating situations. Pets also promote a more physically active lifestyle, especially dogs. Pets can even help out ailing family members.

Having a pet can be expensive. Deciding on getting a pet should be a family decision. However, if (or when) you decide on adding a furry companion to your family, you can take care of it together. Training your pet can be an arduous task, but it is also gratifying. Taking care of a pet is a great way to teach your kids responsibility since their pet’s life is (partly) in their hands.

As Devon Franklin once said, “Keeping your family together is an extraordinary feat—especially in the face of great conflict.” Though the global pandemic is not a personal conflict, it can be stressful and taxing on everyone. It is important to spend time and strengthen our family ties, but thinking of family activities can be tough. Hopefully, these suggestions can inspire you to think of more daily activities for the family. Just remember that it’s not about the quantity of time spent together but the quality.

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