5 Benefits of Enroling Your Dog in a Boot Camp


If you’ve watched an episode or two of Dog Whisperer, then you’ve probably been amazed by how Cesar Millan, the resident dog trainer, works his magic even on the most stubborn canines. Through Millan’s expert handling and application of dog obedience techniques, he succeeds in teaching dogs to obey his and their fur parents’ commands without much prodding.

Incidentally, a dog boot camp in Loxahatchee and other dog boarding schools near the area works pretty much the same way. You will send your dog over for a few days, the boarding school will take care of them, and they will be taught basic obedience and other skills that will significantly improve their behavior and capabilities.

In fact, dog obedience schools are probably the best place for any problematic canine to be taken care of by a trained handler.

Ideally, pet owners should send their dogs to a boarding school as early as possible when their dogs are yet to form any bad habit. Puppies as young as eight weeks old can actually be admitted to a dog boot camp since they are easier to teach and mold into an ideal dog – one that is sociable, cheerful, obedient, and skilful.

Here are five things that you can expect when you send your beloved dog to a boot camp:

Your pet will learn to obey your commands

Inside the boot camp, your dog will have one-on-one sessions with a professional dog trainer. During these sessions, your dog will undergo obedience training that will teach the dog to obey your commands without any difficulty. In the hands of a skilled handler, your dog’s reaction to verbal and non-verbal cues will be instantaneous so you can command your dog to perform a trick or just stay still when there are people around.

Your dog’s behavioral issues will be corrected

There are dogs that really do have some negative attitude like constantly charging aggressively towards strangers or fellow dogs. A dog boot camp is an excellent venue to correct such bad dog behavior so the dog will become more sociable, obedient, and pacified in the presence of strangers.

It would be easier to take your dog to different places

With your dog’s aggressive behavior corrected, you can now take him or her even to crowded places without worrying about your dog biting or charging towards strangers. Consequently, you and your dog can explore more places together, which will make your moments together more enjoyable and stress-free.


Your dog can be saved from dangers

With your dog responding to your commands effortlessly, you can save your dog’s life from potential dangers. Case in point: your dog got out of your home and went straight into the streets with oncoming traffic from both directions. With a simple command, you can get your dog to turn back and head to you. This will prevent your dog from getting run over by vehicles and saving its life in the process.

You will also be trained on how to properly handle your dog

Following your dog’s boot camp stint, you will also have a sit-down training with the dog handler in which you will be oriented on proper dog handling. This would take a full day at most, but will surely give you valuable knowledge and skills to become a handler yourself.

During the session, the professional handler will explain what went on during your dog’s boot camp and what specific commands you should give to get particular responses from your dog. This way, you and your dog will have an improved relationship with you giving the commands and your dog following them without getting stressed out.

Dog boot camps can be life-changing for you and your beloved paw friend. Just make sure you’ll entrust your pet only to a reputable company that has a solid experience and credentials in handling dogs.

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