Why It’s Truly Great to Own a Dog

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Pets have become commonplace in households, not just because they provide us with companionship and security, but with them, we also get to fulfill our desire to love, cherish, and care for something. However, only a few pets are capable of providing security, like dogs. Furthermore, breeds play into consideration when discussing security. After all, a larger dog like a golden retriever is far more intimidating than a chihuahua.

Alongside breeds is the dog’s training, if it has any. This is something that owners can instill at home. If we can’t, we can also pay for dog training, which is available in dog boot camps in Utah.

We’ve established that dogs provide companionship. They can also act as pseudo-security systems. But to what extent do the presence of dogs truly benefit our households?

They help improve our health

An advantage that dog owners have over non-owners is that we get more chances to stay fit and active. Health experts recommend at least two hours of moderate physical activity, and most pet owners hit beyond this mark. This is a result of our obligation to walk our furry friends, keeping us mobile for most days of the week.
Aside from helping us stay active, dogs are also known to improve our health. Several studies link pet ownership to better states of heart health, including having lower blood pressure and heart rate. Many of us know this as the “pet effect.”
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They help stave off mental disorders

Reduced stress levels is another addition we can make to the list of pet ownership benefits. The body shows increased levels of serotonin and dopamine while in the presence of dogs. These are neurochemicals that lower anxiety and leave us in a relaxed state.
This is something that many of us are in need of since we face off so many stressors daily.

Consequently, reduced stress levels can lead to the prevention of mental disorders, like depression. We should note, though, that this is a complex notion because the data varies. Still, society has recognized the power of therapy dogs and their ability to ease the distress of others. It doesn’t matter what demographic they are a part of.

They help us become more responsible and social

Another enjoyable aspect of being a dog owner is the free ability to socialize when we go out with our furry friends. Other people are likely to find us more trustworthy because of our dogs. Also, our pets often act as great conversation starters, since most people want to interact with them, and inadvertently, us as well.

Furthermore, we’re taught more about responsibility by our pets. Not only do we have to worry about ourselves, but we also have to be critical of their well-being, too. It’s the same for kids who live in households with pets. They learn more about caring for another living being as they grow.

As enticing as these advantages are, not many people are aware of them. It appears it doesn’t matter, though, since there are a lot of people who are drawn to pet ownership just by the simple fact that these animals are adorable and provide them comfort.

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