4 Sources of Non-Work-Related Stress in the Office

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Employees already get enough stress from heavy workloads, deadlines, and outputs. The office is full of work-related stress sources that everybody finds it challenging to go through the work hours without a breakdown. However, there are also sources of stress that are not related to the tasks assigned. The non-work-related hassles contribute to the overall stress of employees, which will make it difficult for them to provide good results. Here are four causes of stress that you need to deal with to provide a better work environment:

Daily Commute

You might notice that some of your employees already look stressed upon entering the building. You may also notice that their hair and clothes are a bit out of order, which is a sign of stress. When your employees look like they did not have a good breakfast at home, you might notice that the stress might reflect on their output for the day.

Commuting in the morning can be challenging for your staff, especially if the company is in the middle of high traffic areas and construction zones. Fortunately, you can remove the stress from commute for your employees. You can provide them with flexible work hours to prevent them from rushing their morning routines. You may also provide carpool or transport services if you have the extra budget. You will notice an increase in productivity and output when your employees are feeling good on their way to work.

Messy Workspace

Clutter and dirt are a nuisance for employees. Sticky desks and dirty drawers are often a breeding ground for pests. The messy bathroom will also frustrate employees. Your staff will choose to eat elsewhere if you have a dirty pantry. Unkept trash cans will also produce a foul odor, which will spread throughout your entire office.

A dirty workspace will annoy employees, especially when they are in the middle of an important task. You must keep your office clean to provide a safer and healthier environment for business. Consider hiring janitors to maintain the cleanliness of the area. If you do not have enough budget for in-house cleaners, you should outsource office cleaning services in LA or wherever you are.

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Personal Relationships with Colleagues

Employees will develop relationships with fellow workers, whether they are professional or personal ties to each other. However, not all relationships inside the office are on the good side. You will notice that there will be conflict within your staff, which causes stress for the people involved. Physical confrontation and lawsuits may even result in broken relationships among colleagues. If you want to avoid having conflict inside the office, you need to come up with a solution for settlements. You must coordinate with your human resources division to help you remove the stressful dilemma of employee disputes.


It is challenging to provide employees with stress relievers. If you add a lot of recreational activities to reduce stress for your workers, they might end up getting distracted from work. Employees will then rush their work to make up for putting their attention to distractions. While it is okay to put up a few gaming consoles or books in the break room, you need to maintain regulations to keep your employees focused.

Stress is present inside and outside the office. As the company leader, you are responsible for lessening their stress and increasing their chances of productivity.

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