Upgrades to Protect Your Home From Hurricane Damage

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Hurricanes are tropical cyclones that have reached maximum sustained winds of 74 miles (ca. 119 km) per hour or higher. They can be quite dangerous and can leave behind some areas in ruins.

Residential homes are especially vulnerable to damage, particularly those whose homeowners were not prepared for the worst. As hurricane season rages on, here are some essential upgrades you can do now to protect your home from hurricane damage.

Keep your yard tidy

High-powered winds can pick up debris and uproot trees which could damage your home. You can protect your property by keeping your yard clear of any debris such as branches and rocks. Trim your trees or call in tree removal services to get rid of them for you, as well.

Procure Homeowners’ Insurance

Although this tip won’t necessarily protect your home from hurricane damage, it can help cover the cost of repairs should your home sustain any in the event of a hurricane. It’s important to obtain Homeowners’ Insurance and make sure it’s comprehensive enough so that it covers damage caused by natural disasters.

Caulk your windows and doors and install flashing

Cracks, gaps, and holes in your windows and doors can let water and wind into your home which can cause significant damage. You can prevent this from happening by sealing up these crevices and entry points with several layers of caulk.

On the other hand, flashing is a thin piece of metal that you can install on the gaps of doors and windows. Installing them will keep water from passing through.

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Install shatterproof windows

Strong winds and stray debris picked up by the winds can damage your windows and possibly injure individuals nearby. Installing shatterproof windows ensures that this won’t happen easily. While it might not completely stop an object from shattering the glass, like if the object is a large tree, it can still deter any lighter objects from damaging it.

Secure your home with hurricane straps

Hurricane straps are pieces of galvanized steel that can keep large appliances like a generator or water heater secure. It can also protect the frame of your home. You can purchase multiple sheets to keep your home and larger appliances safe.

Install hurricane-resistant garage doors

A compromised garage door can let in water and wind which can damage your property. A hurricane-resistant garage door is one that can withstand the maximum wind speed of a hurricane.

Contact your local building code authority to get what is known as the wind code of your area. The wind code will measure your property’s ability to withstand strong winds. You’ll have a different wind code depending on where you live.

Put a wire mesh over entry points

Cover any possible entry points for wind and water with one-inch thick wire mesh. These areas include crawl spaces, basement windows, and pet flaps.

Pile sandbags near doors

If you live in a particularly flood-prone location, you may need to pile several sandbags on top of each other near your doors to protect your home from floodwaters. It’s recommended that you pile them up about a foot high or at least slightly above or beyond each side of your doorway.

Hurricanes can be devastating to your property, but you can minimize the damage it does with these helpful tips.

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