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Dentists should not be expected to be able to understand how to bring in new clients by using dental SEO. Google has more than 200 factors that it takes into account when it uses algorithms to understand how a reader is likely to see any given website. It is expected of a specialist to understand and take advantage of each and every one of these factors, to ensure that their client’s website features on Google page one for any given keyword search that an audience of theirs might consider using.

Determining what some of the keywords might be for a dental website is one of the first tasks of a professional who has been assigned to develop a website for their dentist client. Choosing a team of professionals, who consistently provide award-winning websites that deliver exceptional results month on month, is perhaps the most effective move that any dentist that is looking to make real positive changes to their business can do.

From there, dentists can create a website that is unique to them so that the readers who have clicked through onto their page can continue to move through the website, to understand what kind of oral health care they are likely to receive and make a decision as to whether this dental practice is the place for them.

There are several design features here which are critical to the success of moving a viewer through from this stage into calling to make an appointment and walking through the doors as a new patient. Skilled professionals are available here to consistently update information to ensure that it is aligned with the dentist’s beliefs and abilities, so that they remain an extremely popular choice.

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Why is featuring on Google page one so important?

Because there really is no page two, is there? How often do people scroll through past page one when searching for information for themselves? It is more likely that a person will change their keywords to find what it is they are looking for rather than continue to scroll through past the first 10 listings that have appeared for their search.

This is perhaps because people now simply trust the algorithms that Google has in place and find it easier to work with the system rather than battling against it. Search engine results that feature after the first page are less likely to be corresponding as directly with the keywords.

The only real reason a person might look past page one is to find out where their business is ranking, or to search for something very particular that they have in mind, but cannot think what the right keywords might be to find it are.

Make it easy for patients to find their right dental practice by combining excellent keyword optimisation with a clean, quick to load and information laden website; designed by a team of professionals who are consistently creating award-winning websites. If this sounds like something of interest, then for less than a cup of coffee a day, a professional website can be built bespoke from scratch to get more patients through a dental practice’s doors.

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