How to Care for Your Dog When You’re Busy with WFH

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Working from home is now part of the “new normal”. With this shift in the workplace comes a whole different set of issues.

Contrary to popular belief, WFH can still cause employees to burn out. For instance, their work life and home life can be mushed together. They also have a lot of distractions at home such as TV, gadgets, and responsibilities around the house. On top of this, social isolation can result in mental health issues.

While having a dog around the house can definitely help alleviate stress, one of the key elements of WFH is focus. The whole world knows fur children can be a tad bit distracting because of their energy and cuteness. Even then, people shouldn’t be depriving them of attention despite busy WFH schedules.

Entertain them with fun toys

Dogs can be simple creatures, and they love their toys. Not only do they entertain a bored dog, but they also help work the dog’s brain. When a dog owner ensures this the dog meets this need, they avoid a wide range of behavioral problems. A common telltale sign is destroyed furniture and chewed up footwear. This is why mental stimulation for dogs is important, especially for dogs with high energy. Aside from balls, chew toys, and stuff toys, puzzle toys are available to give playtime a few sets of challenges.

Take a break by training your dogs


In the ever-present pandemic, physical activities could be a little more difficult to achieve than usual, but exercising the brain is not a problem. One way to give you pet time is by spending break time with them.

As experts suggest, taking your eyes away from the computer screen for a few minutes prevents eye problems. Consider using this time off to train your dog basic commands. Besides, 15 minutes of training for dogs is recommended by WebMD.

If your schedule is packed and you simply struggle to train your dogs at home, dog training classes are available. This way, the trainers can take care of your dog while you work.

Give them affection

Dogs in the workplace reduce stress levels and improve productivity. Dogs are great social support, and it’s something work from home employees need.

When your dog approaches your work spot, give them love. If you have a small dog, you can put them on your lap while you work. They can also just lie down beside you, so you’ll know you’re not alone on a bad day at work. You can also use one hand to pet your dog and the other to accomplish some tasks, but do this sparingly. This way, your dog doesn’t feel neglected.

Work from home can be stressful, but that doesn’t mean you should go through it alone. Your lovely pet friend is there to help you take a break and alleviate your stress just by being a cute ball of fur. Remember that just because you’re always home doesn’t mean your dog needs less attention. In this ‘new normal’ for employees, every day is ‘take your dog to work’ day.

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