Activities to Connect with Your Family Deeper

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We all want to be connected to our families. One might think that we already have the deepest connection possible, being that we’re connected by blood, there lies a certain sense of distance between everyone in the family. Perhaps this is because we’re each other’s “normal” that we’re boring and mundane to each other. We spend family moments together and bond over filial activities. We pay respect to each other are expected to each other’s needs.

However, you will inevitably feel a gap between you and your children or other younger members of your family. Despite this, you shouldn’t give up: Family is important, and connecting to your family on a personal level is crucial. We may feel disconnected because of a generational gap, but connecting with the younger ones isn’t entirely impossible. Let’s take a look at how you can be more present in their lives and enjoy your time together.

Play Boardgames Together

If there’s one thing that connects everyone regardless of race, age, and gender, it’s games. We’ve all played a game in one form or another, and it’s a great way to lower everyone’s inhibitions. While video games are popular nowadays, board games haven’t lost their touch and are still very popular. You may have played board games with your family members before, and you know how fun they can be.

There are many board games geared towards family bonding as well; check those out and you’ll be spending the weekend playing and enjoying each other’s company.

Dress and Make-Up

Dressing up is a fun activity- everyone’s played dress up at some point in our lives. This is also a great way to exchange information about beauty and aesthetics, as different generations have a different interpretation of what it means to be beautiful. You can talk about Botox and other beauty trends of your time, and they can perhaps talk about the newest fashion and lifestyles of the new century.

You can even do each other’s make up to see how each one would do their make-up differently. This is a fun way to bond, as it definitely connects everyone on a more personal level.

Learn How to Play Video Games

Nothing brings you closer to family members than knowing what they like and participating in it. While video games might sound challenging, it’s a fun activity that most of the younger folk love to do. It’s a great expression of love; asking to join their world, and doing so with an open mind and an open heart.

Ask them to teach you how to play video games, you’ll find that both the learning experience is a fun challenge, and the time you spend with your loved ones very rewarding.

Form a Family Band

Most people know at least one musical instrument, be it something basic like a recorder flute or basic guitar patterns. Playing music together is a fun activity to do- it involves everyone, and you can create something lasting that everyone will cherish. Be it a simple tune, or something more complex (especially if you’re from a musically-inclined family), making music together is simple but great fun.

Forming a family band for get-togethers and reunions is a great way to connect, you’ll find that there are many instruments that don’t require a lot of effort to learn. Practicing music together will also allow you to bond and express emotions, making your family more open and expressive.

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Cook a Feast with Your Family

Cooking has traditionally been a shared responsibility among family members. Humans have hunted, prepared food, and cooked food together for millennia- what’s stopping you from enjoying a cook-out with your family today? ; Cooking fosters cooperation and teamwork, an aspect that’s often overlooked. You’ll realize that your family members have a knack for cooking and you’ll be all the happier that you discovered it.

Plan a cook-out regularly. Invite all the members of the family to join, even the youngest ones. They can do simple tasks, it will build their self-confidence and self-reliance, and allows everyone to work together to create something memorable.

Build or Assemble Furniture Together

Building furniture is a task that requires skill and expertise- if your goal is to make a great piece of furniture that’s going to last. However, there are furniture projects that are easy to do, and those are best done with your family. You can teach family members how to handle tools like a hammer or a saw, and you get to share experiences.

Having furniture or item that your family built together will be one for the books- something that everyone will look at and remember everyone.

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