A Clean Sweep: Ways to Thoroughly Clean Your Home

A Clean Sweep

If you like entertaining guests, you should always ensure that your home is presentable. One of the ways you can achieve that is by keeping your house clean. In addition, it has a few health benefits, such as lowering stress and minimizing the amount of germs in your home.

To start, you should establish a habit of cleaning daily. Don’t worry about cleaning everything on day one, though, and gradually work on building your routine step by step. Save the more thorough cleaning for spring cleaning.

However, you might be neglecting some areas during cleaning. Here are some places that you should pay attention to when cleaning your home,

Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink can serve as a home to various germs since it is constantly wet. To keep it clean, soak it in a cleaner for a while and scrub it down. Use a toothbrush to get into the nooks and crannies, as they will let germs propagate faster if left unattended.

Replace your dish towels at least thrice a week to lessen germ accumulation. After using your sponge, make sure to dry it. Put it in a microwave for about a minute, and on occasion, soak it in warm water and bleach to keep it sanitized.

In the future, avoid soaking your dirty dishes for too long. Once you pour it out, the water and grease mix will stick to your sink and can be quite hard to clean. To prevent this from happening, mix in some dishwashing liquid to reduce grease.

Air Ducts

You should have your air ducts cleaned since it is crucial in circulating air in your home. If it constantly has moisture, it might cause molds to develop. Dust can build up over time, and your air ducts can become home to pests, such as rats and insects.

Make sure to avail of duct cleaning services for your home in Salt Lake City, especially if you notice any signs of pests. Regularly have your air ducts cleaned and schedule it on the week that you will do the spring cleaning for a more thorough home cleaning.

office equipment

Office Equipment

When you work, your office equipment gets the most contact with your hands. This makes them the most likely to have germs in the long run if they aren’t cleaned regularly. Dust buildup will also damage some equipment and cause them not to function properly.

Keep your office equipment clean by wiping them with a damp microfiber cloth. For delicate surfaces like monitor or tablet screens, use antistatic cleaners to avoid scratching or streaking. Meanwhile, use compressed air cleaners for hard-to-reach areas like inside your keyboard.

Pet Area

Your pets carry a lot of germs with them after they come back for a walk. This is especially dangerous if they come into contact with your kids regularly, as it might increase their chances of getting sick. If they are dirty most of the time, they’re more likely to catch ticks and fleas.

Train your pets to wipe their paws or at least have them step on the doormat when they go back inside. Make sure to give them baths regularly to keep them clean and to reduce the chances of fleas and ticks. You should also sanitize their areas, such as their beds and mats.

Keeping your house clean will take some work to get used to, especially if you’re busy. However, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your household members and assign them chores to do daily. Don’t slack off and neglect your duties, as your home may be harder to clean up in the future.

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