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The Alternative Kitchen Garden podcast, produced and presented by Emma Cooper, is all about growing edible and useful plants in an environmentally-friendly way. It is completely free to download and listen to.

Coffee berries

Although it’s Lent and some of you may have given up coffee until Easter, we’re talking about growing your own coffee plants in this show, and the various harvests you could get from them. There’s also plenty about how coffee (Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora ‘robusta’) is grown in its native habitat, and ideas of what to do with your used coffee grounds once you’ve drunk your brew. (My coffee plants came from the Eden Project shop on a recent trip to Cornwall. The Eden Project was the topic for episode 76 of the show.)

If you’re itching to get seed sowing, then take a look at The Peat-Free Diet, which contains a lot of useful information about raising plants without peat.

During the show I mention Stephen Barstow and his concept of ‘edimentals’ (ornamental edible plants); Stephen is one of the ‘plant hunters’ featured in my forthcoming book Jade Pearls & Alien Eyeballs.

And this show’s shout outs go to James, S Kramer, Johnny Carpenter and Stephen Sheppard, who all said hello on Twitter.

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