I’ve always been a fan of Steampunk, although as yet you wouldn’t be able to tell that from looking at me or my home. I love Victorian lace-up boots, but I don’t think I want to wear a bustle. The idea of a Steampunk computer is appealing, but for the moment I will stick to my laptop.

But this year I have been thinking a little bit about what a Steampunk-themed garden might look like. With Steampunk worlds taking a different path from the Victorian era onwards there’s plenty of space for lovely Victorian glass bell cloches and those terracotta forcing pots that are so very expensive.

And you’d need some cogs and fantastical machinery in there somewhere. I’m thinking wrought iron would make an appearance.

Looking through the Garden Trading online catalogue, I have picked out a few things I think could make an appearance in a Steampunk garden (and they’d look lovely in a more traditional setting, too!).

First up, the keen Steampunk gardener will need somewhere suitable to store all their bits and pieces (those cogs get everywhere!). Garden Trading have two great wall units, one tall and one wide:

It’s very useful for any gardener to know what the temperature is in the garden, and a wall-mounted thermometer is a lovely thing to have. I think this one makes a Steampunk statement, but there’s also a larger model and they both come in different colours:

As no Steampunk gadget is complete without its pressure gauge, so these barometers will add a similarly stylish touch to a Steampunk garden:

And lastly, I think this wonderful apple press offers a lovely opportunity for Steampunk styling:

Have you Steampunked anything in your house or garden? Do let me know!