For me, one of the highlights of the Edible Garden Show last weekend was meeting Joy Michaud, who tweets as @SeaSpringSeeds and runs Sea Spring Seeds in Dorset with her husband Michael. They’re famous for breeding the Dorset Naga – a superhot chilli clocking in at 544,000 – 1,032,000 SHU that is surprisingly popular.

Joy was kind enough to give me a baby chilli – the variety is Fairy Lights, an edible ornamental plant that will produce small fruits that turn from purple, through orange to red. It also has purple-tinged foliage. It will make a stunning addition to my windowsill, but at 47,000 SHU it may be too hot for me as a I am a bit of a wuss with chillies!

You’ll notice there are two Fairy Lights in this picture. The third seedling is Apricot, a habanero with a much lower heat value at 700 SHU. They’re not mine, Alys left them in the car as I gave her a lift back to the station. I’m baby sitting until I see her again ;)

Sea Spring Seeds have far more on offer than just chillies, and I bought a packet of their Pea Shoots seeds.

This is a new variety of pea bred to be grown as pea shoots, not for peas. The difference is that the ‘internodes’ between the leaves are much shorter, giving you nice compact plants that won’t tangle. Four to five harvests should be possible from a single sowing, and peashoots make a lovely salad and stir fry vegetable. If you haven’t tried them before, I have previously blogged instructions on how to grow peashoots and also how to harvest peashoots so that they keep on growing.

Sea Spring seeds also have an interesting blog which is worth keeping an eye on.

More news from the Edible Garden Show as and when I have the time!