Veg patch 3

The vegetable garden at Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons covers around 2 acres and is certified organic by the Soil Association. Kitchen waste is carefully sorted so that any non-organic produce used in the kitchens (used when an organic alternative is not available) doesn’t make it to the compost heaps.

There wasn’t a lot growing in the vegetable garden on the day that I visited. The cabbages were coming to and end, the potatoes were just coming up. The vegetable gardener was gradually seeding rows of carrots and other crops, to keep a steady supply growing throughout the season.


Apparently they don’t suffer much from pests in the vegetable garden. All of the beds are surrounded by gravel paths, and as there is plenty of vegetation in the rest of the garden, slugs and snails don’t feel the need to cross the barrier. Any that do make it are quickly spotted by the gardeners, or the chefs who pop down to pick something, and removed.

They do have rabbits, and the occasional deer that wanders in. They have a fence to keep them out, but deer have been known to wander across the car park and use the guest entrance to the gardens….


The garden scarecrow is actually one of the statues, portrayed with a bird resting on his arm – which makes him less than scary to the real birds in the garden. The story is that the scarecrow is modelled on Raymond Blanc himself, but I didn’t get close enough to confirm it!

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