Mushroom garden

The productive garden at Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saison is constantly evolving. One of the new areas currently under development is this stunning mushroom garden. The idea is to cultivate around 20 species of edible mushroom, together with some wild plants for ‘foraging’.

The darker areas are paths, allowing easy access to the beds. The plan is to inoculate each bed with spawn. When grown like this it is hard to predict when each mushroom will bear fruit, and it could be a long wait. Once the beds have fruited, they will need to be cleaned out and replaced.

As well as the beds there are silver birch logs, inoculated with mushroom spawn on dowels. The gardeners and chefs will need to be trained in mushroom identification to ensure that whatever they pick is safe for use in the kitchens.

Mushroom garden 3

It’s not visible in this picture, but at the end of the mushroom garden there is a mushroom hut, a clean environment with both dark and light humid environments that can be controlled to produce the perfect conditions for whichever species of mushroom is currently growing. The hut is not open to visitors because of contamination issues – anyone going in can take unwanted wild spores with them – but they hope to install some viewing windows. The hut can produce mushrooms more reliably than the outdoor environment.

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