Microgreens 1

One of the latest things in vegetable growing is microgreens, or microherbs – essentially raising plants to be eaten as seedlings, when they are at their most tender, full of flavour and nutrients.

They use a lot of microgreens at Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons and grow a lot for themselves, in high quality organic potting compost that is used once and then used as a soil improver in the vegetable garden. In fact, they’re currently the fourth largest microgreens grower in the UK!

Microgreens 3

I didn’t get the complete list, but some of the plants grown this way are amaranths (including the colourful red amaranth), oriental mustards, basil, parsley, watercress, beetroot and chrysanthemum greens.

For quality reasons, most of these are only cut once. It’s hard to harvest the first flush without doing cosmetic damage that affects future cuts – but on a home-scale you would be able to harvest most of these two or three times before they get too mature. Beware the mustards – each cut is hotter than the last!

Microgreens 4

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