I realised the other day that I never got around to posting anything after my visit to the Edible Garden Show in March, which is a shame because it was a fun and interesting day. I have notes, and hopefully I will get a chance to write about the highlights before next year’s event comes around ;)

This is Alys Fowler, in full flood – talking about edible flowers and herbs for salads; she had a second talk later on about growing fruit on a garden scale. Alys is joining the team for the launch of GIY (Grow It Yourself) UK – their inaugural event is being held at my old stamping ground, the University of Birmingham, on Saturday 20th July, and I’m hoping to be able to go along.

Alys is being joined by Mark Diacono, Rachel de Thample, Michael Michaud, Dr. David Shaw, Lia Leendertz and Mark Ridsill Smith – all people I am looking forward to meeting.

Tickets are priced at £25 for the all day event, with discounts if you by more than one (£40 for 2, £90 for 5). The event is being held in association with Carbon Gold, who make the peat-free biochar composts and soil improvers.

Let me know if you’re thinking of heading to Brum for GIY UK :)