Borage & bee

Welcome to the first edition of the Blogging for Bees blog carnival, a place where we pull together all of the lovely bee information that’s floating around on the internet and help our pollinating friends.

I’ve had a very buzzy week, playing the part of a foraging honey bee on Tuesday for the first Tweehive Twitter swarm, which was fun. You haven’t missed out if you want to take part – the next Tweehive event is on 7th August.

VP has sent us a link to a lovely post she wrote last year about visiting a friend’s hive. In fact, the beekeeper has his own blog – diary of a novice beekeeper which is well worth checking out.

Drunken Lovers is a lovely post with beautiful bee photos from a relatively new blogger over at Wisteria and Cow Parsley.

Madeleine from Mad About Herbs has a lovely list of bee friendly herbs to add to your garden.

The Clockwork Dodo is highlighting the plight of the honey bee, with lots of photos, links to useful information and ideas of how you can help.

And last, but not least, is a little light relief from Frugilegus, with furry bottoms :)

You should also check out the Soil Association’s Save the honey bee campaign (turn the sound down to avoid some truly awful music) and sign their petition to have neonicotinoid pesticides banned because they are harmful to bees.

Thanks to all our bee bloggers this week. If you’d like to take part in next Friday’s carnival then email me the link to your bee-friendly blog post or website.