Today’s April Blog Love Challenge blogs are:

  1. Green Gabbro lists all the ways she has tried (and given up) eating dandelions.

  2. Tea Spot NYC was recently munching punishment cookies. An oxymoron, surely?

  3. Photos of Villandry. ‘nough said. From Rambling towards an exotic garden paradise.

  4. The Smithsonian blog is always fascinating, and today they’re talking about ways to cook with chia seeds.

  5. And Eat Weeds has a recipe for the perfect wild garlic omelette.

You won’t see my comment on the Eat Weeds blog, as it wouldn’t let me leave one – I’m on mobile broadband at the moment, and apparently that blog thinks I am hiding behind a proxy and therefore won’t let me post a comment because I must be a nasty spammer. So they will have to do without my comment love!